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SensorCurrent Value
Approach Water Level2.32 m
Approach Wave Height2.68 m
Approach Wind Direction55.10 deg
Approach Wind Gust23.66 kt
Approach Wind Speed20.07 kt
Harwich Water Level Surge-0.02 m
Harwich Water Level2.52 m
Landguard Humidity
Landguard Pressure10.21 hPa
Landguard Temperature8.30 C
Landguard Wind Direction69.60 deg
Landguard Wind Gust28.94 kt
Landguard Wind Speed24.48 kt
Mistley Water Level2.69 m
Harwich Temperature7.80 C
Harwich Wind Direction55.90 deg
Harwich Wind Gust24.67 kt
Harwich Wind Speed19.04 kt
Shotley Wind Direction
Shotley Wind Gust
Shotley Wind Speed
Felixstowe Water Level2.47 m