Welcome to the MIS Online, Harwich Haven Authority's external portal to operational information.

This MIS Online provides public access to Traffic, Sensor and Tidal Prediction data - all of which can be accessed using the navigation menu. Additionally, users with a username and password can access detailed Traffic information and create Forecast Arrival notifications.

If you experience any difficulties using the MIS Online, please create a ticket in our Helpdesk system by visiting Provide as much detail as possible about your difficulties - including instructions as to how to replicate the issue.


  • 15/06/16 - Landguard Wind Sensors
    Wind speed and direction sensors replaced on 14.06.16. All data now reliable.
  • 04/05/16 - Landguard Wind Speed Sensor
    There is a fault with the Landguard wind speed sensor resulting in inaccurate results at times. Please use the data provided with caution.
  • 04/05/16 - Shotley Wind Direction Sensor
    The wind direction sensor has been replaced.
  • 06/05/15 - Shotley Wind Direction Sensor
    Please note that the wind direction sensor at Shotley is unreliable. We are working on replacing the faulty unit, however access restrictions could mean this may take some time.
  • 06/11/13 - Harwich Tidal Data
    Please note that the issue with the Harwich tidal gauge and reliability of data has been resolved as of 01/10/13.
  • 30/07/13 - Harwich Tidal Data
    Please note that there is a problem with the Harwich tide gauge which is resulting in inaccurate measurements. Until further notice this data should be used with caution.
  • 12/03/13 - Downtime
    Please note that the MIS Online service has resumed. If you experience any problems, please register a helpdesk ticket at
  • 12/03/13 - Downtime
    Please note that the MIS Online will be offline for the next few hours. We will update you when the system is back online.
  • 08/03/13 - Improved Feature
    We have updated the forecast creation form to allow for a straight-forward selection of the arrival port rather than the previous search. This should reduce issues associated with the wrong port being selected. If you experience any issues with this latest release, please create a helpdesk ticket by going to
  • 24/01/13 - Landguard Sensor
    The sensors at Landguard have now been replaced and thus the reliability of this data has been improved.
  • 14/06/12 - New Features
    Please note we have added the following new features to the system based on user requests. 1. High/Low water added to a new Overview page under Tidal Predictions 2. Generate button added to the My Forecasts section to allow automatic generation of unique identifiers 3. My Settings section (found at the top right of the page, next to Log Out) that allows you to change your password. 4. Automatic notification of new news items to notify you of new features and planned outages. You can opt out of these emails via My Settings. 5. Port colour coding added to Traffic pages.
  • 12/06/12 - Outage
    An outage of one of our internet connections yesterday affected access to the MIS Online via - however users should note that in these circumstances users can access the site via We apologise for the inconvenience this outage may have caused.
  • 31/05/12 - New Feature
    For users with advanced access, the Traffic section now includes warnings in force.
  • 30/05/12 - Sensor Instability
    There is a fault with the Landguard wind sensor that is resulting in inaccurate results at times. Please use the data provided with caution.